CommFort 5.3

CommFort is designed for communication over a home or corporate network
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CommFort is a client-server program designed for communication over a home or corporate network.
CommFort combines everything necessary for text chat between users: chatting in channels, message exchange, animated emoticons, and a bulletin board. All text information is transferred in Unicode encoding.

CommFort allows image exchange that is quick, comfortable and effective. Images inserted into public channels, private channels or messages are automatically compressed to ensure maximum comfort and minimum network load.

CommFort enables users to exchange files in the fastest and most comfortable way. Just drag and drop the necessary files or folders onto the recipient’s image in the list and the program will begin the file transfer. Advanced buffering mechanisms make the most effective possible use of networks with a bandwidth from 32 Kbit/s to 1 000 Mbit/s. Resumed downloads allow users to finish a file transfer even in cases where the connection is broken for up to 5 minutes.

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