CommFort 5.8

CommFort is a client-server program designed for communication
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CommFort is a client-server program designed for communication over a home or corporate network. CommFort combines everything necessary for text chat between users: chatting in channels, message exchange, animated emoticons, and a bulletin board. Also the program allows image exchange that is quick, comfortable and effective.

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  • Network
  • CommFort works both on local area networks and on the Internet. Terminal clients are supported.
  • Authentication
  • Password authentication allows all users to operate a secure account.
  • Administration
  • CommFort offers multiple tools for centralized administration. Rights distribution makes it possible to assign individual rights and features to any user. Its flexible restriction system, bad word filter and flood filter allows administrators to have everything under control even if there are a lot of client users.
  • Load
  • CommFort can work simultaneously with more than 5000 connected client users


  • It is not free
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