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CommFort is a corporate messenger with video conferencing support
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This piece of software allows you to communicate with other users over a network or the Internet. Compared to the more popular communication programs, like Yahoo Messenger or Skype, this piece of software is a client-server communication software, which means that one user should set up a server for others to connect to. In order to start using this software, you need to connect to the network address or to the static IP address (if the connection is over the Internet) of the server, or set up the server yourself for others to connect.

With the help of this software, you can quickly share any kind of files with other users, you can set up video and audio calls where you can chat with as many users as you want, chat in channels or send messages to other users. Another feature that makes this program worth trying is the fact that you can share images directly in the chat window. So, you no longer have to send your images by "file transfer" or upload them on websites that offer you file hosting.

If you don't like the default skin of the program, you can access the "Options" menu and select one of the many provided skins. You can also change the tray icons, chat appearance, sound options and much more.

If you send a message to another user, your message will automatically appear minimized on their taskbar. But if you have something really important or urgent to say, you can click on the "Important" button and then your message will appear in the center of the screen, on top of any other opened window. In addition to this, when you send messages to others, you can use a large variety of funny emoticons in order to easily express your feelings.

Overall, this piece of software is worth trying if you need to communicate with other users over a network or over the Internet.

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